October 19th


Officers Present:

President Noah Butler, Vice President Mia Jones, Secretary Whitney McBride, Reporter Matt Sanford, Parliamentarian Brianne Borders.

Representatives Present:

Caddo Club- Justin Pierce, Gaming Club- Tristin Mitchell, Media Arts- Christian Cauthen, C.S.O.- Crystal Adams

President Noah Butler called the meeting to order.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Whitney McBride, read the previous minutes. President Noah Butler accepted the minutes.

Reporter Matt Sanford read the upcoming week’s Announcements.


Student Relations:

Petitions are going around that could affect you directly! To learn more about the content of these petitions and become a signer, please contact Noah Butler.

The Amendment Committee is still busy with research. They hope to complete the majority of this research by Spring semester. They could still use any volunteers who are interested in participating with this project.

Old Business:

The Fall Frolic went very well and everyone had a great time!

The Halloween festivities have been in progress. Those on the Halloween Committee will finalize all of their plans this week. More information to follow!

New Business:

The possibility of the SGA funding tickets for 35 students to go see the Shaolin Monks perform Martial Arts in Tyler,Tx on Monday the 29th of October was presented by Prof. Naples. President Butler made a notion to provide the 35 tickets for students who would like to go. All were in favor and none opposed. More information to follow if you are interested in going!

Ideas were proposed such as an election party, a gaming tournament, and several other things that the SGA will be considering for the student body in the near future.More information on these upcoming events to follow soon!

Applications are officially out for the “Green Jackets!” If you are interested in becoming a part of the oldest, most prestigious group on campus, then you will definitely want to fill out an application! You can print yours out through this http://www.panola.edu/15b/images/stories/green_jackets.pdf link. Applications must be turned in by no later than October 31!

Brianne Borders moved to adjourn, President Butler seconded.

Meeting Adjourned.


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