October 5th

Officers Present:

President Noah Butler,Vice President Mia Jones, Secretary Whitney McBride, Reporter Matt Sanford, Parliamentarian Brianne Borders.

Representatives Present:

Caddo Club- Justin Pierce, C.S.O. – Crystal Adams, Gaming Club- Tristin Mitchell, Media Arts – Christian Cauthen.

President Noah Butler called the meeting to order.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Whitney McBride, read the previous minutes. Parliamentarian Brianne Borders accepted the minutes.

Reporter Matt Sanford read the upcoming week’s Announcements.


Students Relations:

The Student Relations Committee has done a wonderful job of writing a few petitions to better the experience you have here at Panola. These petitions should be in circulation within a week or so if you should choose to be a signer. More information on the content of these petitions will follow soon! Meanwhile, the committee informs us that they have begun working on the next project on their list and will keep us up to date on their progress.


The Amendment Committee has conducted their meetings every Thursday in the library for the past few weeks now. The Committee itself has been broken down into research groups in an effort to progress in the long process of writing this Amendment. The weight of this project is a heavy one; one in which the interests of many should lie. We credit history to those who have done the work for it. This project is a history maker in itself. The committee requests the help of all who would like to be a credit to that history to participate in this. To find out more information on the Amendment Committee and become a participant, contact Noah Butler.

Food Relations:

The Food Relations Committee has met and they have proposed several ideas to “To-Go” boxes in the cafeteria among other things. They will keep us updated as more developments occur.

Fall Frolic:

Ideas were proposed on the involvement that the SGA will have during the Fall Frolic this year. The options included A:) Giant Inflatables of some sort totaling $400 or B:) A series of Mini Games with prized winners. After looking into each option, President Noah Butler made a notion in which the “Mini Games” were favored  8 to 1  against the “Giant Inflatables.”   A notion was presented by Prof. Naples that the SGA spend $100 on prizes for the “Mini Games” in which all was in favor and none opposed. Therefore, the SGA’s participation in the Fall Frolic this year will be conducting a series of “Mini Games” in which they will spend $100 in prizes to the winners thereof.

Prof. Naples also proposed a notion to save the ” Pink Swagga Wagon” for the Fall Frolic in which all was in favor and none opposed.

Old Business:

The $250 fee for the SGA’s TJC SGA membership has been submitted.

The plans for the Gullette Building parking area have already been made and are underway to prevent any more accidents.

Prof. Naples met with a few students on Wednesday to discuss the writing of a survey. A lot of progress was made, but a few details and such still need to be finished. Mr. Naples hopes to have this completed by next week.

The Halloween festivities are underway. President Noah Butler made a notion to move all of the festivities to the front of the campus to prevent studying students from being disturbed in the library or other such areas. All were in favor and none opposed.
President Butler also made the notion for $150 to be spent on Candy and Decorations for these events. All were in favor, none opposed.
A committee will meet with Prof. Naples @ 3pm on Wednesday to discuss the details of the festivities. More information on Halloween celebrations to come.

New Business:

The Green Jackets! Coming Soon!!!

Buy your raffle tickets to win $1000 Visa Gift Card! Ask us about how you can get yours!


Closing Remarks:

President Butler calls Reporter Matt Sanford to say a few words regarding the Media Arts concert Thursday night. Reporter Matt Sanford, “The Media Arts Concert blew the roof off with all of their talent! I’m very proud to say we have a lot of great talent around Panola College. Everyone should expect to see more coming from the Media Arts Committee in the up coming weeks..”

Meeting Adjourned.


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