Febraury 22nd

Officers Present:

President Noah Butler, Vice President Mia Jones, Secretary/Treasurer Whitney McBride, Reporter Jessica Soto, Parliamentarian Brianne Borders

Representatives Present:
CSO/Food Relations – Crystal Adams,Media Arts – Amye Powers, Gaming Club – Jessica Soto

President Noah Butler called the meeting to order.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Whitney McBride read the previous meeting minutes. Noah Butler made a motion to accept the reading of the minutes. Mia Jones seconded with all in favor.

The Chair called for a discussion on the 5k event that will take place immediately following the run.

It was re-established that the SGA would charge $50 a booth for vendors who wish to participate and no fee to clubs on campus who wish to host a booth. Clubs must send an email to Mr. Naples if they wish to sell food items at the event. There will be a water balloon fight at some point after the run. The balloons will need to be filled prior to the event. Also, a mini run for children 12 and under will be held.

The Chair closed the discussion.

The Chair briefly discussed the College Board Meeting and encouraged all SGA members to attend.
The Chair read a memo from Student Government to Dr. Powell and the Board of Trustees concerning the SGA’s support in the rising tuition fees. The Chair called for a vote on the memo and all were in favor.

The Chair called for a discussion on the Self Defense class. Mr.Naples to send out an email to advertise for the class.
The Chair called the discussion to a close.

The Chair called for a discussion on the Spring Fling.

The Student Government will host a voter registration booth during the Health Fair and Spring Fling. The Chair called for volunteers.
The Chair closed the discussion.

The Chair called for a discussion on the possibility of a Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball Tournament.

Gaming Club representative Jessica Soto suggested that the Gaming Club be allowed to hold the Dodge Ball Tournament. The Chair mentioned a collaboration between the SGA and the Gaming Club for the next tournament.
The Chair tabled the discussion for a later time.

New Business:

The idea for a video contest was discussed briefly last semester by several of the SGA officers. This semester we would like to accomplish this. The Chair called for a Video Contest Committee. More information concerning the contest will be presented at a later time.

The Chair made a Point of Information concerning better ways of officer and committee communications.

The Student Relations Committee proposed the acceptance of a petition. The petition was began last semester after several concerns were raised over curfew hours in the dorms. The petition suggested that curfew hours be changed to 11am – 1am on weekends as well as weekdays. In exchange, the petition added that the fee for violation of curfew hours be raised from $100 to $125.
The Chair called for a vote on whether or not to support the petition and pass it on to Resident Life’s Krystn Davis.
All were in favor.

Meeting Adjourned.


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