February 8th

Officers Present:
President Noah Butler, Vice President Mia Jones, Secretary/Treasurer Whitney McBride, Reporter Jessica Soto, Parliamentarian Brianne Borders

Representatives Present:
CSO/Food Relations – Crystal Adams,Media Arts – Amye Powers

President Noah Butler called the meeting to order.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Whitney McBride read the previous meeting minutes. Noah Butler  made a motion to accept the reading of the minutes. Jessica Soto seconded and all were in favor.

Reporter Jessica Soto read the calendar of events for the upcoming week.

Old Business:

The Dodge – Ball Tournament is Tuesday! The last day to register your team is Monday, February 11th. If you have a team that wishes to participate and has not signed up yet, you will need to speak with Mr.Naples before 5 pm on the 11th.

New Business:

After reviewing the details for “The Pony Express” 5k run, The Chair called for a discussion on the event.

During the discussion, several ideas were brought up concerning events that will transpire before and after the initial run.
Mr.Naples suggested the SGA host a small event afterwards.
Many ideas were discussed as to what the event would consist of. Noah Butler suggested there be food for the runners after the run. Jessica Soto brought up the fact that the runners are not the only people who attend the 5k event.
Noah Butler suggested that a speech be made before the run to kick off the event.
After many ideas were discussed, it was decided that the SGA will host an event after the 5k run.

This event will consist of  live music, several games, snow cones, and food vendors from our local community. Groups and churches from around the community will be given the opportunity to set up a booth to sell food items. Booth cost is $50 and all proceeds may be kept by the vendor group. Clubs and groups from Panola College will be given a free booth pass. All proceeds may be kept.

The Chair recognized Mr.Naples who made a motion to cancel “Safety Week”. Mia Jones seconded, one opposed.

The Chair opened a discussion about the “Spring Fling”. Mr.Naples brought up an idea of a cornstarch and water run. The idea would require 200 lbs of cornstarch and a small pool.
The Chair called for a debate  on the subject.
Last year the SGA set aside $200 in advance for the “Spring Fling”. With the new cancellation on “Safety Week” that allows for $200 more to place towards the event. More ideas for the “Spring Fling” are pending. Details to come soon.

Dr.Powell will be attending next week’s meeting.

The Chair requested that Jessica Soto and The Media Arts club promote next week’s meeting. 

The Amendment Committee has new plans to promote their petition. More details are coming soon!
Student Relations now meets on Fridays at 1:30 pm.

Meeting Adjourned.


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