January 18th

Officers Present:
President Noah Butler, Vice President Mia Jones, Secretary/Treasurer Whitney McBride, Reporter Jessica Soto, Parliamentarian Brianne Borders

Representatives Present:

Media Arts – Amye Powers, CSO/Food Relations – Crystal Adams, Swing Dance – Shawn Simonson

President Noah Butler called the meeting to order.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance. Secretary Whitney McBride read the previous meeting minutes. Mr. Naples made a notion to accept the reading of the minutes. Noah Butler seconded and all were in favor.

Reporter Jessica Soto read the calendar of events for the upcoming week.

New Business:

President Noah Butler recognized all of this semester’s SGA officers. The Chair acknowledged Jessica Soto as the new Reporter to take the place of previous Reporter, Matt Sanford, who has stepped down from office this semester.

Mr. Naples addressed the Officers and SGA members about meeting procedures and formats to be followed for the Spring semester.

The Chair recognized Shawn Simonson, who addressed Mr. Naples about paperwork for committees and clubs who wish to make proposals throughout the semester. It was decided that forms for proposals will be placed on the SGA’s website and updated by Secretary Whitney McBride for representatives and committee heads who need them. More information on how to access those forms coming soon.

The Chair recognized Mr. Naples to address proposals for this semester’s activities.

First, Mr. Naples read the proposal for the Catholic Student Org. to host a Dodge-Ball Tournament. Details included the rules and regulations for game play and the proposed date of  February 11.
The Chair called for a debate about the subject.
Parliamentarian Brianne Borders questioned the starting time of the event.
Mr. Naples motions to start the event at 6 pm. Vice President  Mia Jones seconded with all in favor.
Shawn Simonson was recognized by The Chair for further debate in regards to the rules and regulations of game play.
The rules and regulations will be judged at the discretion of the referees.
The Chair closed the debate after no further inquiries and called for a vote.
All were in favor, none opposed.
The C.S.O will host a Dodge-Ball Tournament on Monday, February 11.

Mr. Naples made a second proposal to reserve the school for the annual 5k Run on April 6th.
The Chair called for a debate on the subject and after no debate was necessary, closed the debate.
The Chair called for a vote on whether or not to reserve the school for the 5k Run on April 6th.
All were in favor, none opposed.
The SGA will reserve the school for the date of April 6th for the 5k Run.

Mr. Naples read the proposal for the Chili Cook- Off to be held on January 30th. Details included a new twist on this event by having the students judge, and the faculty members participate as contestants. Faculty will be judged on two categories: The Tastiest and The Spiciest.
The Chair called for a debate. Several officers and SGA members volunteered to judge. Crystal Adams was recognized by The Chair to ask if there were any options for students who wanted to participate by cooking. After a group discussion, it was decided that, to avoid health issues and other such problems, the cooking would be limited to faculty members only. Students may sample the Chili at their own discretion after the contestants have been judged.
The Chair closed the debate .
Mr. Naples called for a debate on setting the date for the January 30th.
No debate was necessary.
Mr. Naples closed the debate and made a motion to set the Chili Cook-Off  date for January 30th.
President Noah Butler seconded with all in favor.
The Chili Cook-Off will be held on January 30th.

Mr. Naples made a proposal to reserve the dates of March 4th – 7th for Safety Week.
The Chair called for a debate.
President Noah Butler explained the details for Safety Week and reminded everyone of the annual Spring Fling during the 6th of that week. Mr. Naples expounded on the details and added that sign-up sheets will be necessary to regulate how many students can participate. Butler also mentioned that the dates motioned for would be the week before Spring Break.
The Chair closed the debate.
The Chair called for a vote on whether or not to set the dates of March 4th – 7th for Safety Week.
Vice President Mia Jones seconded with all in favor of the dates.
Safety Week will be held from March 4th – March 7th.

Mr. Naples made a proposal for a Public Forum to be held on Friday, January 25th after the SGA meeting to discuss the new state required class for college freshmen. Material covered in the one credit course will be voted on by the SGA.
The Chair called for a debate.
Shawn Simonson and Crystal Adams were recognized by The Chair with questions about who will be allowed to vote on the material and who will be required to take the course. The officers and members of the SGA will help make decisions on what the course material will contain and only freshmen will be required to take the course. Other questions asked were answered by Mr. Naples who reminded everyone that the Forum that will be held will decide the important details about the course.
Mr. Naples called to close the debate with The Chair seconding.
The Chair called a vote to decide on whether or not to hold the Public Forum at 1:30 pm on January 25th.
All were in favor.
A Public Forum will be held at 1:30 pm on Friday, January 25th to discuss and vote on course materials to be placed in the new freshmen course.

Mr. Naples made a proposal to vote on SGA Homecoming Nominees.
The Chair called for a debate. After no debate was necessary, The Chair closed the debate.
The Chair called for a vote to choose nominees.
Mr. Naples seconded with all opposed.
Mr. Naples made a motion to choose nominees after the meeting.
All were in favor.

The Chair recognized Joel Dales who brought to our attention the former Forestry Department of Panola College.  According to Dales’ research, Panola College had a Forestry Department which has diminished over the years. Dales has spoken with Dr. Shannon, Vice President of Panola College, about this subject and the impending future of the Forestry Department in hopes to recreate this area of Panola. Dale hopes to regain the interest of Panola’s student body in the subject matter so that classes can be formed by next semester. More details on the subject as information is presented.

The Chair recognized Shawn Simonson who inquired about this semester’s club representatives and the schedules for clubs and organizations around campus. The Chair made a point of information to say that those elected in the position of representative should  be sure that they can fulfill all of the responsibilities of the position such as attending SGA meetings and keeping their represented group informed of SGA activities. Mr. Naples made the suggestion of talking to Club Sponsors about their representatives attending SGA meetings. According to The Chair, committees will be formed at a later time to organize SGA events and such.

Mr. Naples opens a discussion about who will attend the SGA trip to Austin on Community College Day.
Reporter, Jessica Soto, suggested that the Officers and Club Representatives should attend the trip. Parliamentarian, Brianne Borders, suggestewd that only Club Representatives who attend SGA meetings should be allowed to go.
Matt Sanford asked what the trip consisted of exactly for those who go.
Mr. Naples gave the details of the trip for everyone and called for a show of hands on who would be interested in attending.
A potential 10 people will be attending the SGA Community College Day trip to Austin.

President Noah Butler announced that he will be accepting people to participate on the Student Relations Committee as well as the Amendment Committee. If anyone is interested in either of these great committees please contact Noah Butler.

Meeting Adjourned.

*** SGA Homecoming Representatives were selected. The SGA has voted Faustino Angel and Jessica Soto to act as representatives for the SGA at Homecoming.


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