March 22nd

Officers Present:

President Noah Butler, Secretary/Treasurer Whitney McBride, Reporter Jessica Soto, Parliamentarian Faustino Angel

Representatives Present:
CSO/Food Relations – Crystal Adams,Media Arts – Amye Powers, Gaming Club – Jessica Soto

President Noah Butler called the meeting to order.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Whitney McBride read the previous meeting minutes. Noah Butler made a motion to accept the reading of the minutes. All were in favor.

Reporter Jessica Soto read the calendar of upcoming events.

The Chair gave an update on the upcoming 5k Pony Express Run and after event.

  • The t-shirts have arrived and are ready to be given out.
  • Dr.Powell has accepted the SGA’s invitation to begin this year’s run.
  • Several clubs on campus have signed up to host booths during the after event.
  • Musicians for the event have been selected:
    “Chasing Stable” will perform during morning registration and “Danny-Paul Windham and the Pine Topper View” will be performing during the after event.
  • Games and activities have been officially planned as the Chair has designated volunteers to ensure that each activity is carried out.
  • Food for the runners will be bought the day before the run.
  • SGA members will begin games and activities early for any children who do not participate in the run.

The Chair closed the 5k discussion.

The Chair opened a discussion on the possibility of the SGA hosting a “Game Night.

Mr.Naples made the suggestion of organizing a game show such as “Let’s Make A Deal” or “Jeopardy” with the students versus the professors.Another idea suggested included a “Glow in the Dark Doge-Ball Tournament.”

The Chair moved to get more information before deciding on an event.

The Chair opened a discussion on the SGA taking a group of students to see “The Master’s of Illusion.” Funding for the trip has already been set aside in the SGA’s budget.

The Chair made a motion to replace “The Master’s of Illusion” funding and use the money for the Video Contest.
After briefly reviewing the information on the Video Contest, it was decided that the motion be tabled until further information and a formal proposal be made by the Video Contest Committee.

New Business:

The SGA will meet on Monday at 7 pm for Voter Registration in the dorms.

The SGA has a new Parliamentarian – Faustino Angel! Congratulations!

Meeting Adjourned.


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