Meeting Minutes for October 18th

Officer Present: President Jessica Soto, Vice President Penelope Tomlin, and Parliamentarian Faustino Angel (Secretary Jeffery Scott was absent for no stated reason and Reporter Jameika Marshall was out sick).  Others present David Hudson, Kais Cooper, Joanna Martel, Angela Gribble, Whitney McBride, and Becky Gullette. 

Mr. Naples read the minutes from the previous meeting.  The minutes were accepted as read. Mr. Naples noted that the budget remained unchanged.

Penelope Tomlin read the Calendar of Events. The most notable events were the volleyball game for breast cancer awareness on Saturday, Oct 19th, and the Choir performance on Oct 29th at 7 pm.  

President Soto raised the first order of business- Operation Gratitude.  SGA was originally to hold a drive for Operation Gratitude during fall frolic.  When fall frolic was cancelled, SGA had to amend its plans.  SGA devised the following plan. 

  • On Monday (21st) SGA will attend the Civil War Reenactment, handing out flyers on donated goods, pass out post cards for students to sign, and set up a table for students to make paracord bracelets.  The following students will man the tables at the stated times. 
    • 8-9 am: Soto and Tomlin
    • 9-10 am: Kais Cooper
    • 10-11 am: Angela Gribble
  • On Wednesday (23rd), SGA will place a table in the Science Building where they will hand out flyers on donation goods, pass out post cards for students to sign, and set up a table for students to make paracord bracelets.  The following students will man the tables at the stated times. 
    • 8-9 am: Soto and Tomlin
    • 9-10 am: Kais Cooper
    • 10-11 am: Angela Gribble
    • 11:30-12:30 am: David Hudson
  • SGA will collect donations from students and the community between the dates Oct. 28th and Nov. 1st.  Ms. Gullette and Mr. Naples will give extra credit to students who donate to the cause.

The discussion was closed.

President Soto opened the floor for discussion on the Trunk or Treat.  The Trunk or Treat will be held on Thursday, October 31 in front of the student center between the hours of 7 and 8 pm.  SGA will ask all participants to show up at least 1 hour before the event begins for preparations.  Students who come in the best costumes will win a prize (prize is yet to be determined).  Judging of the costumes will take place after the trunk or treat is over.  When the costume contest is over, students who linger around may participate in a late night capture the flag game.

Part of the Halloween experience will be a pumpkin carving contest.  This contest will be sponsored by Krystn Davis.  Originally, the contest was to take place on Tuesday, October 29th at 7pm.  However, Ms. Gullette noted that Tuesday is the same night as the Choir concert.  Upon motion by Mr. Naples and second motion by President Soto, SGA unanimously voted to move the pumpkin carving to Monday, Oct 28th (providing Krystn Davis can still sponsor the contest).    

Mr. Naples noted SGA needs to get administrative approval for the Halloween event and that it needs to advertise on the radio and with a press release.  Mr. Naples further noted that SGA was invited to Marshall Texas for a Halloween event.  After brief discussion, SGA decided it would take up the Marshall Halloween event next year.    

Discussion was closed. 

President Soto Opened the floor for discussion on the food drive.  The Fill-the-bus food drive is scheduled for November 15th.  SGA has plans to set up a food drive table on November 1st outside of Wal-Mart.  SGA discussed plans to hold a food and recycling drive from November 4th through November 8th.  The main part of the drive will be on Friday, November 8th.  SGA will need to make a public announcement/press release to gain community participation.  SGA will also need to see if the college bus is available for Friday, November 15th to transport the canned goods to Marshall. 

Friday, November 15th is also the date of the regional conference.  The trip to the conference still needs approval from administration.  Since the conference is on the same day as the Food drive, SGA will have to find student representatives to go with the bus to Marshall while the officers attend the regional conference.  The food drive still needs to be approved by college administration. 

Discussion was closed. 

Mr. Naples noted that SGA has been approved by administration to take a bus of 54 students to the Louisiana State Fair.  The bus has been reserved.  Mr. Naples simply needs to gain student participants.  The bus will leave the campus at 1pm and return to campus by 7. 

Mr. Naples made a motion to remove Jeffery Scott from office for repeated, unexcused absences.  David Hudson seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Meeting was adjourned.  


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Congratulations to the SGA Election Winners!!!

Last Thursday, student government held elections for its officers.  The president and vice-president races were very close.  In fact, Jessica Soto and David Hudson tied for president, with Alec Humphries only 7 votes behind.  This might be a first in Panola history.  After reviewing the SGA Constitution, it was discovered that no provisions exist over how ties should be resolved.  Rather than performing a run-off election, Hudson graciously conceded to Soto.  While the outcome of the election was peacefully decided, SGA will certainly put forward a proposal this semester to amend the election rules in case this scenario should ever reoccur.   The vice-president’s race was likewise exciting.  Penelope Tomlin beat out Haley Griffith by 3 votes for vice-president.  Jeffery Scott won handily won the position of secretary over challenger Jennifer Risher.  The final two positions went unchallenged.  Faustino Angel won the position of parliamentarian and Jamaika Marshall won the position of reporter. 

With the elections over, SGA immediately set to work discussing proposals for the coming year.  The list of potential ideas is quite long and while not all the proposals will be adopted, SGA has the makings for a great year.  Starting this week, SGA will begin drafting ideas, creating a calendar of events, and setting their budget.  The following is a list of current proposals. 

  1. 5k run (tentative date of April 12th)
  2. Canned food and recycling day (possibly early November)
  3. Gift package drive for our troops (held during fall frolic)
  4. TJCSGA region III meeting (November 15th) at Navarro College
  5. TJCSGA region III meeting (February 28th) at TVCCC
  6. TJCSGA state convention (April 10th-13th) in Austin
  7. Pursue a federal or state grant for a health clinic on campus
  8. Belt-bustin’ Chili Cook-off (late January)
  9. Proposal to amend election rules in SGA constitution
  10. Marshall Symphony Orchestra (Sept 21st) in Marshall
  11. Go Kart fun day
  12. Trip to Crater Diamonds State Park in Arkansas
  13. Trip to the George W. Bush Library in Dallas
  14. Trunk or treat/haunted house for Halloween (Oct. 31st)
  15. Marathon reading of Fahrenheit 451, 1984, and Brave New World
  16. Student/faculty Jeopardy night
  17. Open Mic Night (Howl After Dark)
  18. Cancer Awareness Month  

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Meeting Minutes April 5th

Officers Present:

President Noah Butler, Vice President Mia Jones, Secretary/Treasurer Whitney McBride, Reporter Jessica Soto, Parliamentarian Faustino Angel

Representatives Present:
CSO/Food Relations – Crystal Adams,Media Arts – Amye Powers, Gaming Club – Jessica Soto

President Noah Butler called the meeting to order.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Whitney McBride read the previous meeting minutes. Noah Butler made a motion to accept the reading of the minutes. All were in favor.

Reporter Jessica Soto read the calendar of upcoming events.

Old Business:

The Chair motioned to discuss the 5k at the end of the meeting.All were in favor.


The Chair opened a discussion about an SGA fun night.The SGA night would be for SGA participants only. After a discussing an agreeable date for everyone, it was decided that Monday, April 8th, SGA members will meet at Mr.Naples house at 6 pm for dinner.
The Chair made a motion to accept the plans. All were in favor.

The Chair opened a discussion about the Blue Man Group.
The Blue Man Group will be performing in Tyler at UT on May 3rd and 4th. The SGA budget allows the possibility of taking a number of students to see the show, free of charge.
The Chair closed the discussion.
The Chair motioned to buy tickets for the Blue Man Group.All were in favor.

New Business:

The Chair will be discussing a few suggested changes to the SGA Constitution in the next meeting.

The Video Committee has not yet completed the video contest details. More information to come.

5k Update.

Meeting Adjourned.

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Check Out The “Important Information” Tab!

For more information concerning the 5k Event click on the Important Information tab above.  Be sure to check back as we will be periodically updating our information.

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Coming Soon! Take a look at our Community College Day Trip to Austin!

Check out a few of our pictures from Community College Day. We’ll be posting more very soon!

Thank you Jessica Soto for doing such a great job!

Click the link below to view a few pictures:

Community College Day

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